Monday, November 16, 2009

Entropy - Episode 39

Entropy. It's why everything seems to break down and get messy. It is something that comes about when you have lots and lots of little things (like atoms) that can be in several possible "states" (no, not Florida). The more things or more states you have, the more entropy you're going to have. Dr. Carlson has entirely too much fun playing with coins and blocks while he tries to explain how Chemists think of Entropy. (Stay to the end and you'll even see a rubber band, whee!)

Science Theater Episode 39: Entropy

Friday, January 16, 2009

Walking on Water - Episode 38

Winter is in the air, and it's cold out on the lake making it pretty easy to walk on water. Dr. Carlson visits his parents and takes time out to explain some cool science concepts that can occur when your lake freezes over. That's right, Dr. Carlson freezes his tooshie, just so you can expand your mind!

Science Theater Episode 38: Walking on Water