Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thermal Conduction - Episode 19

Ever boil water in a paper cup? The power of fire and flames is harnessed to explain how heat can move around in:

Science Theater Episode 19: Thermal Conduction


o said...

Greetings Dr. Carlson

So the paint contains some heat sensitives chemical?

Also Merry past Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Now back to college apps :-(, have to finish the Caltech one :-P

o said...

it looks like your blog has been spammed

Ethan said...

Dr. Carlson!!

It's Ethan from good ol' Bigelow. I'm a junior now. These videos are great! Haha, now I don't need to go to science class anymore now that I've discovered your website

Dr. Matt J. Carlson said...

Yep, the paint is heat sensitive.

Good luck on the college apps. A friend was reading a book the other day that explained how it is acutally easier to get into Caltech for qualified applicants than the Ivy leagues.

This is because so many people attending Ivy league colleges get in as "exceptions" for either being famous, kids of alumni, kids of donors, or even just good at sports that only well-to-do folks would be able to be good at. (Go ahead and explain how a polo scholarship to an Ivy league school isn't slightly biased towards well-to-do students...)

Anonymous said...

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