Thursday, May 31, 2007

Angular Momentum - Episode 24

Ice skaters spin faster by hugging themselves tight, but what does that have to do with riding a bicycle? In both cases, the law of conservation of angular momentum is in effect. Watch a few more angular momentum examples!

Science Theater Episode 24: Angular Momentum


Unknown said...

Hello Sir, I liked the way you explain us the science and physics behind many phenomenon. The video on Angular momentum is great, but I have a query, does this rotation due to angular momentum experiment with wheel as shown follows the similar phenomenon within Earth for its rotation? Is there anything similar within Earth for its rotation ?

Unknown said...

Can similar phenomenon be possible for the rotation of the Earth ?
- Kartik Gurule, India.

Dr. Matt J. Carlson said...

I believe it does affect the earth in that it causes some precession (ie. the north pole goes around in a circle) but I'm not entirely sure. It DOES however mean the the earth doesn't change where it points as it orbits the sun.

Did it cause the rotation of the Earth? Presumably the material of the earth collapsed with a small amount of angular momentum and as it got closer together the rotation became more pronounced. A similar thing happened to the solar system.