Tuesday, October 23, 2007

States of Matter - Episode 30

Sure, gas-liquid-solid... you've seen it all before, but have you seen air as a gas, air as a liquid, and air as a solid? Dr. Carlson explains the three most common states of matter and shows off how to make a snowcone out of Nitrogen gas.

Science Theater Episode 30: States of Matter

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Unknown said...

Dear Dr. Carlson's science theater,

I am contacting you to bring your attention to a science theaterposition posted at our website.


Attached , also please find a job description for the “Public Performance Manager”.

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Sean Duran
Vice President, Exhibitions and Programs
Miami Science Museum
3280 S. Miami Ave
Miami, Fl 33129
t 305.646.4213
f 305.646.4300

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